FS: Sealed 2600 VCS games

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FS: Sealed 2600 VCS games

Postby machine.slave » Wed Mar 26, 2014 8:53 am

Not mine, but Mike's an awesome guy. Buy with confidence.

We took some new in the box still shrinkwrapped Atari 2600 carts in trade.

Here's a list I posted in the usa. I will discount $5 of each cart for Maaca members:

During my digging, I found a guy with a quantity of brand new, still factory sealed in the box 2600 carts.

Some Atari, some Activision, Epyx.

games include:

Vanguard $30
Jungle Hunt $30
Moon Patrol $30
Q*bert $30
Solaris $30
Venture $30
Donkey Kong Jr. $30
Galaxian $30
Millipede $30

Demon Attack $25

California Games $25
WinterGames $25
Summer Games $25

Endure $25
Commando $25
Skiing $25
Grand Prix $25
Decathalon $25
Ice Hockey $25
Boxing $25

Space Attack $25
Astroblast $25

All Maaca menbers save $5 per cart from the above listed prices.

Plus Shipping, or pick up.

I have pics, if you want. email me: thechurchofthesilverball@hotmail.com

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