Any BMX fans here ?

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mike boss
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Any BMX fans here ?

Postby mike boss » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:06 pm

I recently picked up a mid 90's GT Dyno bike, model unknown.
I plan on fixing it up to boot around on and eventually give it to my son.

I've looked into getting it sandblasted and powdercoated...........I'm unsure yet if I'll proceed as such (based on cost).

I was wondering if any BMX fans were on this site ? If so perhaps post pics of your bikes/projects ?

I'm also looking for parts and it would be awesome if perhaps a collector had some parts available on here.

Here are a few pics.

Final Fight w/6-in-1
Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja
Punch-Out! Pi-Bartop
Nintendo DK 60-in-1(V)
Nintendo DK JR Mame(V)
Nintendo Popeye W/Pandoras Box 3
Nintendo Mario Bros Mame + 2 X Aim Trak
Custom DK Jr 48 in 1 Bartop
23" Touchscreen Juke
Foosball Table

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The Evener
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Re: Any BMX fans here ?

Postby The Evener » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:36 pm

Nice acquisition! My teenage years were BMX years, although I didn't do any actual BMX racing at the various tracks in my hometown, but instead used it as arcade transportation. 8)

My first BMX was a (not actual) blue Kuwahara. I'm not entirely clear, but I learned not long after I received it as a parental gift that it was a bike that licensed use of the Kuwahara name. Kind of weird, I know, so while it was heavy as hell, it was awesome to tool around on.

I contemplated getting my daughter a BMX to try out both as a regular bike and to see if she was interested in trying her hand at BMX courses, but she ended up with her sister's mountain bike, so a BMX renaissance seems off the table for now.

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