Monitor refurbs?

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Monitor refurbs?

Postby Rickn » Mon May 07, 2018 1:44 pm

Lately I have been hit with guys that have found normal TV's and have been replacing board sets with an Arcade/CGA compatible board.
One wanted his arcade monitor mounted into a plastic TV cabinet (home use) another wanted a tube (found at a electronic recycler) mounted and retrofitted with a CGA board.

I am open to most, I also have a client that has some 25" to 32" CRT monitors. These have been used in bowling scoring applications so might have some burn?

Might need new board sets, but as the era of the picture tubes is pretty much gone???

These are things I would not even touch in the past, but what choice is there?

Also may haave an operatot getting out of the business, perahps about 80 games... no dea of the condition.

Interested, e-mail me other wise, no matter to me I am more trying to offer help.

Rick Nieman
Nieman Video Displays
Kitchener, Ontario

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