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Coin-Door Lights

Postby wysiwyg » Tue Oct 11, 2005 11:52 pm

Someone had mentioned alternatives for coin-door lights. I wanted to install lights behind the coin windows in my Galaxian machine. It was not originally built with lamps (according to the manual) but I like lights so I put them in anyway.

The lamp socket with the mounting tab and reflector comes from Happ Controls ($1.85 USD) as part# 91-1225-00. It comes with a 12V bulb and is also available with a 6V bulb. Happ also sells an LED equivelent that runs cooler and will never burn out and you can get many colors (including white, blue, green, yellow, red) but it is polarity sensitive (so would only light on one-half cycle of an AC supply). I just used the standard bulb that came with the lamp assembly. When operating at 12V, these things were way too dam bright, so I wired them to the existing 7VAC transformer output (after the fuse). The original 25-cent windows were made of silkscreened lexan and so are very durable and high quality. Once cleaned and lighted, they look great.

There's a lamp at each of the two windows, one at each end of the door. The black L-brackets used to mounted the lamps were something I had lying around but they'd be simple to purchase or make at home. The lamp assembly is attached to the L-bracket using two hex aluminum 4-40 threaded standoffs measuring 0.75" long each by 0.25" flat-to-flat diameter. I used a 1.25" long 4-40 machine screw to attach the lower standoff to the L-bracket. The screw protrudes about 0.25" beyond the top of the lower standoff so the upper standoff screws onto it. Next, screw the lamp assembly to the top of the upper standoff using a 4-40 x .25" machine screw.

Altogether, I think this mod cost me about $6. The first two photos show how it looked after I installed them.

Referring to the 3'rd photo... Some collectors who consider themselves arcade machine restoration experts (purists) might not appreciate the "satelite dish" plastic reflector. Well, that's okay because it comes right off anyway. Once you take it off, you can mount the lamp socket in the more usual 'original' way and you won't need any sort of mounting L-bracket or spacers or anything.

Last photo: If you don't want to use a wedge base lamp, you can opt for the traditional bayonet style. In my case, I used a 6V lamp, a #44. I could've used #47 lamp too, but the #44 is brighter.

My original lamp installation:

How it looks from the front:

My revised installation:

Bayonet socket:
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Postby erdna77 » Wed Oct 12, 2005 7:37 am

I like it, it looks great. :)
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